Who We Are?

Our Mission

TripMonk India is not a stereotypical Travel agency like there are all others in the market right now. It is a COMMUNITY of compassionalte Travellers, Trekkers, Bagpackers, Adventure seekers, and those who are passionate about living their life before its over. At TripMonk, our focus is surely on providing you the Best Lifetime Experiences in the form of various outdoor adventures that have the potential to bring a very positive change in your lives. 

But the most important aspect that makes TripMonk unique is, we donate 1% of the booking amount of the customer and exact same amount from our revenues to charity and social work.


Extraordinary Experiences

Journey matters as much as the final destination. At TripMonk, we make sure you enjoy the journey like never before. Music, fun activities, food, and whatever we can do to help you gather unforgettable memories. Travelling with a community of equally passionate enthusiasts is going to be unbelievably amazing! Camping, Trekking, River Rafting, Paragliding, Skiing, Culture Trips, Spirituality, Local Shopping, and there is a lot more that you will get to experience for sure. 

We will make sure that you travel back home with the satisfaction of having done something good for the society, the people who really need your help.

TRIPmonk CHarity

Donations and Charity that we are going to make from whatever little profits we earn, will be done in YOUR PRESENCE by your own hands. We bet no commercial Travel agency does it.

Our Core Values

At TripMonk, we give great importance to our core values. The outcome is surely going to be the best in the interest of everyone: The Travelers and The Needy.

We are a Community of Compassionate Trekkers and Travelers.
And We Care for the society.